A busy week at the museum

Wow, last week all go!
We had Loburn School in Wednesday afternoon until into the evening, with them having a catered bbq dinner.
Thursday brought 3 coaches from off the cruise ships in for another Maori Experience tour. There were 75 in the morning and 26 in the afternoon. They had a powhiri and morning/afternoon tea with two hours to look around. People from Belgium, UK, USA, the Caribbean and Australia…there was probably others but these are the ones I remember.
The two ships that were in held a total of 6930 people, 2400 crew and 4530 passengers, no wonder Akaroa gets so crowded.
Not all these people come ashore and many go out on tours all round Canterbury….there was a total of 27 coaches taking visitors out of Akaroa.

We had one of the ships crew with our afternoon tour party. Her job is to go on the tours to ensure that the passengers are receiving what has been promoted for their tour. For example we offer the powhiri, morning/ afternoon tea (catered)plus a tour guide to meet the coach. This is being promoted on board and what they are getting.
However she did tell us of a tour she checked on that was advertising devonshire teas supplied and found that the visitors were having to make there own! I can’t believe that anyone would do that to visitors and these tours bring in lots of business….and in N.Z.!!

I shall leave you to ponder on that!!

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