Custodian Position

It is with great sadness I have to inform everyone that I will be leaving the Museum and Okains Bay. We are moving back to Christchurch at the end of this school term.

This has left a position for a custodian available and comes with an on site 4 bedroom house.
The position is for a family with primary school aged children to help sustain our local school.
If you or you know of anyone who would love to live in an amazing place, close to a safe and fabulous beach then call the Museum on 03 304 8611 for more information on the position or to leave your details.

Okains Bay is a great place to live and work, with the community making you feel welcome from the day you arrive.
There is a local store with post attached and of course a very good local full primary school.
We are very sad to leave this touch of paradise but if you love the thought of rural living, this is the place to be.
Only approx. 20 minuets to Akaroa, 30 to Little River and 90 to Christchurch.

If you have never been to Okains Bay….well its about time you came on over to see what we love so much!

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