Heritage Week 17th – 27th Ocotober 2014

pioneering journeys

We are having a special interactive weekend for Heritage Week on 18th and 19th October 2014.
There will be many live displays such as the print shop, stationery engines and the old school will be open for both days.
We are also hoping to include black powder shooting and for the ladies quilting, embroidery and spinning displays.
As we are in early stages of putting items together, as more activities and experiences come to light I will up date both here and face book so keep an eye on both to see what is happening.

Entry will be the same as normal: $10/ adult $2/ school child from 10am-5pm.
Hope to see you here!

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New Exhibits

The museum is constantly expanding and looking for new items to add or improve exhibits.

bee keeping image

For many years we have been wanting to make a display for bee keeping. To do this we need copies of old photo’s to copy from bee keepers and/or old bee keeping equipment.
An old honey house would be a big added bonus.
If you know of anyone/ anything that can help please let us know or pass this on to others.

It is always an added bonus when we get any items from people if there is a story included. For example we have in the collection some blocks given by a family when they left Okains Bay and they have shared who they originally came from and how they acquired them. This story accompanies the blocks on display.

While on the subject of needs:
We would like to acquire an old disused caravan for a first aid base on Waitangi Day. It doesn’t matter if it is not road worthy as we can arrange to collect. Water tight would be preferred so we can leave it placed and set up for anytime we need to use it. If you have one you are wanting removed from your property please give us a call at the museum 03 304 8611 hours 10am – 5pm or leave a message on the answer phone.

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Tyre Furnace rebuild

Hi all,
Just a short progress report on the rebuilding of the tyre furnace at the Museum.
Unfortunately the original tyre furnace collapsed in the earthquakes and we have been trying to gather funds to rebuild it.
This was used to heat the metal rings or cart tyres that went around the wagon wheels.This would cause the metal to swell so they could be placed on the wooden cart wheel then when it cooled using bucket of water it would shrink tightly onto the wood to make the metal tyre.

The photo here was kindly taken by the Akaroa Mail as the volunteers came together to start the rebuild of the furnace. The round concrete slab in the fore ground of the photo is where the wooden wheels were bolted down ready for the metal tyre.

We hope it will be completed by summer 2015.

akaroa mail

It is not too late to give a donation towards this restoration project, all donations are greatly received as they say. if you would like to donate towards this project then please don’t hesitate to give the museum a call and we can give you the details of where and how.
Otherwise, come on out and see the progress for yourself. The volunteers are back working here on Queens Birthday weekend.

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Greetings one and all on this lovely moist day.
The Museum has a variety of interesting tasks that are just waiting for happy volunteers to become involved with.
Should this appeal to you, please do contact us.It is always great to meet like minded people.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Cheers, Gillian

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Rob Thorne Concert Night

On Friday April the 11th at 6pm Rob Thorne is coming to the museum to play his Nga Taonga Puoro (traditional Maori musical instruments).
Rob will have some of his cd’s available for purchase on the night.

Gavin Britt will also be here on the night with his selection of nga Taonga Puoro for anyone to touch and have a go at playing.
Both Rob and Gavin have presented an evening like this for the museum in the past and everyone who has attended really enjoyed it.

Also available is a buffet meal at $15/head consisting of a selection of chicken, cold meats, salads etc. We have an awesome caterer and recommend the food highly.
This needs to be prebooked by phoning Sharon on 03 304 7303.
Or alternatively bring a picnic for the family to enjoy or order your fish & chips from the Okains Bay Store between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. ph o3 3o47045.


Hope to see you all there on the night!!

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Another one bites the dust!

Well there goes another successful Waitangi Day.
We hope all those who attended enjoyed the day and have ear marked next year which will be extra special, marking 40 years of Waitangi Day celebrations for Okains Bay.

We have been waiting for some of the awesome photos that were taken to come through to add on here but take a look at this one emailed to us by one of the visitors.
Waitangi day waka 2014

This is an amazing shot and thank you for sharing.

If anyone else has photos they took on the day and would like to share them we would love to see them. There was a photography club present and taking lots of shots and we would love to see some of these.

We are still having some amazing weather over here in the Bay so come on over and enjoy it with us.

Also we hope to have Rob Thorne performing with his Maori musical instruments one evening before summer is over so watch this space, makes a good excuse to come over for a family picnic dinner and enjoy some fabulous entertainment.

Today has been a busy day with two tour groups in off the cruise ships and boy have we turned the weather on for them!

That’s all for this post but keep watching, you never know what else may appear on here.

Cheers from us all!

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What’s New?

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two months since I last up dated this blog….sorry to those who visit it regularly.

What’s been happening?

At the beginning of December the museum Board of Trustee’s appointed a manager so we welcomed Gillian Thacker on to the staff.

We continued to have cruise ship visitors throughout the season but had a cancellation due to some very windy weather which was disappointing for everyone.
The summer season has seen visitors from all round the world as well as New Zealand flowing through the museum and we enjoy meeting many new faces (and some returning ones).

Somewhere in this time Christmas and the New Year slipped past bringing us to mid January and the scramble to get ready for Waitangi Day.

Waitangi Day, Februray 6th 2014
This is an exciting family day that has been happening in Okains Bay since 1977….39 years!!

Programme for 2014:
10am War canoes/ waka and Navy come up the river
11am Powhiri at the museum
12pm dedication of post and rail fence to
past Peninsula farmers
12.45 Hangi lunch ($10 lg, $5 small)
2pm Opening of cheese curing room
2.15pm Opening of Cocksfoot machinery building
2.30pm Children’s races, games and tug o war
5pm Museum closes

All throughout the day there are many other live displays such as stationary engines, sheep shearing, steam boiler, print shop to name a few.

Also for the children there will be a bouncy castle, miniature ponies, horse and gig rides and the old school will be open for children to experience what it was like to attend school in the 1800’s.

We also have a group of weavers attending to demonstrate some traditional weaving.

There will be a variety of other stalls in the main arena as well as other food to purchase.
Live music will also be playing in the bar area on the museum grounds.

It is always a beautiful day here on Waitangi Day and the beach is just down the road if you or the children need to cool off….you can leave and return throughout the day. Camping is always a good option to ensure you are here early so as not to miss out on any of the festivities.

Look forward to seeing you all here!!!

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